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The Pentagon Project is a small Half-Life modification being made by Matthew "ChromeAngel" Rye while I wait for Half-Life 2 to be released.    I fancied making a teamplay mod so I thought i'd better get some practice in while I wait for the next big thing.

The plan is to make a "Contributor" version downloadable soon (this is a hobby project so soon could be days, weeks, months...), this will have the bare essentials you need to play and map for the Pentagon Project.  Hopefully this will encourage input from more HL modders, so we can make a more exciting full version later...

Project Leader, Coder , Modeller & Mapper:


Other Contributors:

Crusader - Recoil Code

Multiplicity - Weapons & Gamplay Sounds

Testers :





If you would like to help create the pentagon project please send me an e-mail to

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