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Pentagon Project's gameplay is based on round based, 2 team gameplay.  The teams are always Red Republic and Black Operations Executive (Red and Black for short). 

When joining a Pentagon Project game players arrive in a waiting room from where they can request to join a team.  Due to inbuilt team balancing prevents players "stacking" on one side, requesting to join one team may result in joining the other team.

Players are given Reward Points for hurting enemy players and achieving map objectives (such as defending areas, captureing zones and destroying objectives).  These reward points can then be exchanged at claim points for one off  Reward Items, such as more ammo, healing, better weapons and armor.

An important concept in Pentagon gameplay are Zones, each team has a zone assigned to them at the start of the round and team members spawn in this zone, further zones can be captured in other parts of the map to expand the team's spawn zones.

Pentagon supports a variety of gameplay objectives and victory conditions which are map specific.  Players are given a briefing on the maps objectives when the map loads.


The following console commands are supported :

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