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Welcome to the homepage of the Pentagon Project, an action sci-fi, team play modification (and evenutally total conversion) for Half-Life. 

 Febuary 26th 2005

With the release of Half-Life 2, development of the Pentagon Project ceased.  Playtesting showed the gameplay to be not as inovative as I had hoped.   However we did learn a lot from this process which has been usefull in our new HL2 mod Dash 'n' Bash.  Contact me at if you would like a copy of any of the custom content show here.

 November 24th 2004

Delayed the release a bit so I can make the release more polished and complete.  Korkonius has started animating the pentagon handgun repalcement.  I've just finished revisiting the team player models, take a look on the Media page.

 October 31st 2004

Lots of progress the testing is going well, a public release is imminent.  Time to start looking for mirrors to host the installer.

 October 20th 2004

Finished coding the first draft of the reward system.  Work has started on modelling reward weapons such as the "Q Launcher".

 September 21st 2004

Multiplicity has joined the team and is contributing some very cool weapon and gameplay sounds. 

 June 28th 2004

Added the Pentagon Project to ModDB, pop over there and give it a vote.

 June 27th 2004

Added work in progress shots of the first pentagon project map (PGN_Alpha) to the media page

 June 24th 2004

Fixed the niggling bugs witrh the Key & lock system.  I might have to make a map showing off the strengths of that sub-system now ;)


Check out Pentagon Project @ modDB topmods listing!

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