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In case you are interested in how it's going or want to see if there is anything you can do to help I have put together a list of the MOD's features and custom content.

If you would like to help please send me an e-mail to

Last Updated : Febuary 26th 2005




Coding - Needs Testing

Recoil System - Passed Testing

Reward System - Passed Testing

Round System - Passed Testing

Weapons - 2 of 9 - Passed Testing (I want more!)

Map Briefing - Passed Testing

Lock & Key System - Passed Testing

Count Down of DOOM - Passed Testing

Victory Conditions - Passed Testing

Particle System - Unscheduled

Weapon Sounds Integration - In Progress

Gameplay Audio Prompts - In Progress (waiting on voice talent)

Models - Done, room for improvement

Carry Case (key) - Past testing

Player Models - Passed Testing (animations could be improved...)

Zone Marker - Passed Testing

Weapons - In Progress (2 of 9 Passed Testing)

Generic Reward Dispencer - Wanted (even concept art would be welcome)

Player Animation - Wanted

Weapon Animation - Wanted

Weapon Dispencer - Unscheduled

AutoDoc Medial Device - Unscheduled

Replacement Hands - In Progress (modelled, skinned and animated for 1 of 9 weapons)

Handgun (Glock Replacement) - In Progress

Riot Gun (Shotgun Replacement) - In Progress

QLaucnher (RPG repalcement) - In Progress


Victory - Passed Testing

Team Join - Passed Testing

Reward Symbol - Passed Testing

Reward Available - Passed Testing

Muzzle Flashes - Passed Testing (I want more!)

Team HUD indicatior - Unscheduled

Spawns HUD indicatior - Unscheduled

Team Emblems - Unscheduled


Zone Gained & Lost Sounds - Passed Testing

Key Pickup, Drop & Use sounds - Wanted

Ambient Space / Tech / Industrial map sounds - In Progress

Heavy Clomping Footsteps (on metal, wood and concerete) - In Progress

Victory Fanfare - In Progress

Defeat Indicator - In Progress

SMG firing sound - In Progress

Plus Rifle firing sound - In Progress

Clip reload sounds - In Progress

Maps - In Progress

pgn_alpha - Passed Testing

pgn_ceti - Passed Testing



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