Dash 'n' Bash

football in ye olde worlde

Welcome to Dash 'n' Bash (DnB) a Half-life 2 modification combining no holds bared, high speed, contact sports and a high fantasy setting.  Races from all over the olde worlde have sent teams of their finest athletes to compete for the cup.  The honour of the race is at stake.  The goal of the game is to carry the ball past the end zone, the enemy players will try and stop you any way they can (beating the enemy to a bloody pulp first is a valid tactic).

Status :

Work In Progress - No downloads available

Game Play :

At the start of a game two races will be chosen at random to play, each player will choose a team (any players who haven't chosen after a specified period will be put on the team with the fewest players).  Each race has it's own different statistics, which will reflect their playing style.  Each player is then awarded a few "skill points", the number of points depends on how many players the teams have.  We then have a kick off.

During kick off's players get some time to spend any skill points they have to improve their stats and position themselves on their half of the field.  At the end of those 20 seconds the ball will arrive on the pitch (depending on the setting it can arrive in some very odd ways).

Once the ball is on the field the player's aim is to pick up the ball using secondary fire and take it to the end zone to score.  Players will receive skill points for picking up the ball during a kick off or if the opposition dropped or threw it.

If players get in your way you can block them with primary fire, blocking a player causes them pain, too much pain and they'll be wounded.  Wounded players are knocked down and must wait while they recover.  A wounded ball carrier always drops the ball, allowing other players to take it.  A player who takes too many wounds will be unable to continue the match, but will be replaced at the next kick off, in the mean time he can watch as a spectator.  Players receive skill points for successfully blocking enemy players.

Players with the ball can throw using secondary fire to other players (who use secondary fire to catch it).  Players are rewarded with skill points for successful throws & catches.

If a player carries the ball through the enemies end zone he scores a touchdown, the team with the most touchdowns at the end of the game wins the match.  Scoring a touchdown awards lots of skill points.  After a touch down players are returned to their halves and a kick off takes place.

Player Traits :

Each player has 6 traits that effect their performance on the field, these are tweaked during kick offs by spending earned skill points.  Each race has a normal starting level for each trait. 

  • Speed, the maximum speed the player can run at.
  • Strength, how much pain they inflict when they block a player
  • Toughness, how much pain they can take before being wounded.
  • Recovery, the rate at which stamina returns and pain reduces.
  • Agility, strafe speed, throwing accuracy, catching skill.
  • Wounds, the number of wounds a player can receive before being removed as a casualty (exceptionally wounds cannot be increased by spending skill points).

Races :

Initially we plan to make a human team, when were satisfied with them we'll add Orcs, Elves and other high fantasy races.

Contact :

Contact us in #dashnbash on the quakenet IRC network or by emailing me@chromeangel.co.uk